Melbourne Camera Operator: City of Port Phillip’s ‘Smart Travel’ Campaign


Melbourne Camera Operator: City of Port Phillip’s ‘Smart Travel’ Campaign

In order to capture the right feeling of movement and travel in the City of Port Phillip’s ‘Smart Travel’ campaign, they needed to enlist the help of an experienced, Melbourne-based camera operator.

Dream Engine’s camera operator was on hand, with our specialist camera equipment, to do just that.

The campaign required our camera operator to encapsulate the importance and freedom of taking alternative means of transport to work. This would require some very dynamic and exciting camerawork, rather than the traditional tripod shots associated with corporate video.

Two different modes of transport were to be focused on in the video: cycling and walking. In order to give these two subjects each a unique and individual feeling, while still capturing the sense of movement, we knew it would require some specialized equipment.


Our camera operator uses his slider to capture dynamic images for the City of Port Phillip.
To give what would normally be static shots some extra movement, we used our slider. When paired with a great camera and the right lens, slider movement can be subtle and graceful, exactly what we need to set a scene for our viewers.


When steady, continuous movement was needed, our experienced glidecam operator was able to keep pace with the action. This gives the audience a sense of being a part of the scene, as if they were actually there.


The most interesting piece of equipment we used was our brand new GoPro camera. This tiny device was clipped onto a bike helmet and radio controlled by our camera operator. We were able to film a first person view of what it’s like to cycle past the idyllic beaches and parks around Melbourne.

Our camera operator was able to use their experience and professionalism to gain some amazing, high quality footage for City of Port Phillip and their ‘Smart Travel’ campaign.

If you want to work with a highly skilled and professional camera operator in Melbourne, please contact our studio today.

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