Television Commercials

Television Commercials

When East Melbourne Public Library commissioned a television commercial for the Public Libraries Victoria Network, they knew they needed an experienced and professional cameraman.

Shooting on a PMW-F3, Sony’s professional 35mm handheld video camera, and Zeiss prime lenses, the footage our camera operator shot was superb.

The size of our kit was also very portable, allowing for mobility and great time management. By shooting at a number of different locations quickly, our cameraman was able to gain great coverage of this Melbourne location.

The footage was also shot in 4:2:2 colour space. This gives a lot of breadth in the grading process during post-production.

This particular shoot didn’t require audio recording, which allowed not only the library staff to keep going about their day to day business, but also made our cameraman’s job much easier.

The result was a beautiful high quality television commercial, showing off the modern, light-filled East Melbourne Public Library.

If you need an experienced and professional cameraman to help shoot your next television commercial, contact us today.

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