The City of Port Phillip commissioned Dream Engine to shoot a corporate documentary for their upcoming “Smart Travel” campaign. In order to deliver their message – to “take greener forms of transport to work” – our camerman would have to capture what it’s like to cycle, walk and catch a train to work.

In order to do this, our cameraman put his experience and specialized gear to work.


To capture wide-shots, we used a combination of our Sony FS-100, our Canon L-Series 24-70mm, and camera slider. This allowed for subtle, graceful movement to capture the feeling of a location.


The City of Port Phillip wanted to really harness the movement of transport. Our experienced glidecam operator was on hand to record tracking shots of people walking and cycling around the St Kilda beachfront.


Our cameraman was really excited to be able to use our new GoPro for this video. By attaching this tiny, high-definition camera to the helmet and bike of our cyclist, we were able to capture amazing first person shots of Melbourne. Via a remote control device, our cameraman was able to have full control.

The City of Port Phillip was amazed at the footage our cameraman delivered. With such high quality shots and angles covered, the end result was a video that was engaging, entertaining and visually stunning.

Above all it was able to effectively convey the key benefits of becoming healthier and fitter when taking greener transport to work.

If you would like to hire a professional cameraman for your next corporate documentary, please contact us today.

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