Corporate Video

Corporate Video

When Melbourne based private security firm Diamond Protection needed a professional and experienced cameraman to help them shoot an exciting corporate video, Dream Engine were happy to deliver.

Our brief was to shoot footage that demonstrated the efficient and comprehensive work Diamond Protection is known for. Our camera operator needed to capture all of their services from security to firefighting to medical services.

Our camera operator decided that using a dynamic, movement based style would be best to capture Diamond Protection’s business.  A glidecam was used with a Canon 5d Mark II in order to gain fly-through shots of various scenes of their work. This gives the audience the feeling of being there in person. Seeing different angles of a workplace with momentum.

A second FS-100 camera was setup to capture the detail of each scene, from the glowing embers of a car fire being extinguished, to the intricate equipment used.

Our GoPro was also able to be attached to the helmet of a rescue worker repelling down an industrial container in a rescue drill. Capturing the excitement and professionalism of their work helped to push this video to the next level.

With maximum coverage ensured, we were able to deliver footage that blew our clients away.  The result was a video that gave a comprehensive look at Diamond Protection’s expert services in a visually dynamic and entertaining style.

If you would like our experienced camera operators to show off your business, get in touch today.

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