Corporate Event

Corporate Event

Over the past few years, event videos have become more and more popular with our corporate and government clients, both in Melbourne and around Australia. This is because of the opportunity event video presents for you. You invest time, money, and effort in to creating the perfect event – to teach, to inform, to entertain. And by capturing this in an event video, you create great content that can be used to advertise and inform, online or on DVD.

Why experience and great communication are crucial

Our professional and experienced camera operators are event video experts. We’ve been filming events in Melbourne for over fifteen years, which means we understand the effort and detail that goes in to creating your event. This experience helps us bring confidence and calmness to shooting your event video.

We realise that the planning stage is the most important step, and our camera operators work with you in the lead up to know exactly what you need on the day. There is only one shot at recording your event, and our cameramen are focused on clearly understanding what you need, from working with you during pre-production, to talking to the venue and other contractors ahead of time, to ensure the event goes smoothly.

Our event video gear

We use our high-end video production gear to record your event in perfect detail.

  • Our specialised low-light cameras mean that we can capture your event without needing to set up additional lights.
  • We use a variety of lenses, which means that no matter the event space and layout, we’re always perfectly equipped to capture the event for you – from wide-angle shots of the space, through to beautiful, smaller details.
  • We use our professional audio equipment to capture top-quality sound from your presenters, lecterns, and DJs.
  • And we use lightweight tripods, sliders and monopods, which mean that we’re always quick on our feet and never infringe upon the guest’s enjoyment.

Delivering your video

When it comes to delivering your footage, we have a range of processes and systems in place so that we can deliver fast. If you only require the raw footage, our camera operator can transfer it on to your hard-drive on the day of the shoot. Alternatively, we can supply your footage via FTP or courier, so no matter where you are in Melbourne – or the world – you’ll receive your footage quickly and easily. And we’ll safely back up everything we’ve recorded on our secure RAIDs – for your ease of mind!

Our event video guarantee

We’ve spent fifteen years building our event video expertise. That’s why we guarantee three things that our event cameraman will always offer you:

  1. Dependability. The ability to be on-location, on-time, with the right attitude. Planning, and organisation, that sets us apart from other freelance camera operators.
  2. Professionalism. The ability to interact with your clients, your crowd, and your co-workers in a confident, efficient manner.
  3. Beautiful results. We believe our event video camerawork speaks for itself. If you need any further proof, check out our showreel above.

Do you need an experienced cameraman to capture your next event? Contact us today.

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