Melbourne Cameraman: Monash University


Melbourne Cameraman: Monash University

In 2014, US-based WebsEdge Media needed to hire a Melbourne cameraman to shoot high-definition footage at Monash University’s Department of Materials and Engineering – which is the right place to be if you want to see amazing technology and research in action!

Located at the Clayton campus in Melbourne, they have a state-of-the-art building that houses a community of scientists doing some really cool work. Our cameraman got the opportunity to enter their inner sanctum, shoot interviews with the department heads and see some cutting-edge science in action.

The Brief

“We need a Melbourne-based cameraman to record interviews with World-leading scientists in their laboratories. We also need them to capture footage of the scientists at work, to show off their new building and research equipment, and to fast-tack the raw footage to our US-based production house.”

Recording Professional Interviews On-Location

For the interviews, our Melbourne cameraman used a professional Sony FS100 camera and a brand new Zhongyi Speedmaster 50mm f/0.95. This meant that our cameraman could shoot beautiful-looking interviews with blurry backgrounds – really drawing the viewer’s attention to the interviewee.

We took the time to light each scene with a full lighting kit, including two Kino Divalites and a mixture of red-heads, dedolights, and a minispot. We were granted access to the laboratories to film some of the interviews, which allowed us to set the scientists in their natural environments and create interesting shots. Giving context to interviews by utilising equipment or scenery in the background really adds a lot a video, and we were thrilled to have access to this location.

Shooting High-Quality Cutaways

For the scenes filmed in the laboratories that demonstrated the research, the Sony A7S was the camera of choice. According to our Melbourne cameraman, the advantage of the A7s is that it works extremely well in low light situations. Because the labs are full of delicate equipment and students doing research, not having to set up lights was a huge advantage. The A7s is also a smaller camera so it meant it could easily be put onto a slider, doing this enabled us to add some nice, smooth motion to our shots.

To capture a wide-range of shots, our cameraman favoured our set of Canon EF lenses. We utilised our 24-105mm 4.0, as well as our 70-200mm 2.8, to shoot crystal-clear close-ups, product shots and wider establishing shots.


We allowed ourselves plenty of time before the sun went down to go outside and capture footage of the building. The building is quite spectacular, with jagged angles and bold lines, it really looks the part housing the state of the art science facilities. The cameraman roamed around finding different angles, using a wide angle lens and once again creating motion with a slider.

Instant Footage Delivery

The production house in the US that were putting the video together needed the footage as soon as possible, as they needed to start the editing process right away. This is a common requirement from our clients, and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver footage straight away as soon as a shoot ends.

First we unloaded the footage from the cameras and made sure it was all backed up securely. Once the footage was backed up to a number of different locations, we transcoded the footage to make it easy to manage for the editors. Finally, we copied all this onto an external hard drive and handed it over to an express post courier to make sure it got to the US as fast as possible. All this on the same day – for piece of mind for our client.

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