Event Cameraman: Melbourne International Coffee Expo


Event Cameraman: Melbourne International Coffee Expo

In 2014, Dalla Corte Espresso Machines hired an event cameraman to film the World Latte Art Championships at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo. Here’s what we delivered.

The Brief

“We need a cameraman to record action and drama of the World Latte Art Championship event at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo. We intend to create a short hype video for our social media presence, so we need footage that is slick, professional, and immersive.”


Planning for the event

When Dalla Corte commissioned us for this role, they supplied us with an intensive running sheet listing all the different aspects that they needed recorded. Being a major sponsor of the event, they had a large stake invested in ensuring their event footage looked great and captured exactly what they needed.

Our first step was to prepare for the shoot. I’ve spoken before about how preparation is the key to filming, and the Melbourne International Coffee Expo shoot was no different. Of course, part of our preparation is to drink a lot of coffee – and seldom has that ever been so relevant to a shoot!

The event itself took place at Flemington Racecourse, ten minutes out of Melbourne’s CBD. We’ve filmed events at this venue before, and knew that the transparent roof allowed plenty of diffused sunlight to filter through. This meant that whilst we still brought one of our lighting kits, we could tread lightly by relying on a single on-camera light.

We also ensured we asked our client the right questions, such as:

  • Did they require any on-location audio for their video? “It would be nice to have. Please set up a portable audio recorder with a line out of the venue’s audio mixer.”
  • Did they have a distinct style in mind for the edit? “Yes! We need fast, dynamic camera movement. Please capture us a variety of shots of each competitor – closeups of the drinks they create and their faces, as well as some wider shots to establish them at their workstations.”
  • Did they have any specific branding requirements? “That’s easy – the more of our branding you see, the better!”


The challenges of being an event cameraman

Every event you record as a cameraman has its own challenges. One of our guarantees is that, with over fifteen years of experience, we have the knowledge to ensure that if there’s a challenge – we’re equipped to deal with it!

For the Melbourne Coffee Expo event, we had to contend with:

  • A crowded atmosphere. This made moving through the venue challenging. Because we needed to capture footage of each stall, we ensured we used our monopod whilst shooting in crowded places – so that we could move quickly and easily, without getting in anybody’s way. I also stuck to one lens for the majority of the shoot – our trusty Canon 24-105mm. As it goes from very wide to nice and close, and features image stabilisation, it meant that I could avoid carrying our lens bag throughout the venue.
  • Variable lighting. Events generally have an array of lighting types and colors. This event was no different – with multiple massive LED screens, venue lights of different makes and color temperatures, and variable natural light coming in from the roof. I used one of our Sony FS-100 cameras with a custom white-balance to ensure that the footage looked great, despite the variable lighting!
  • Sound issues. Our client needed us to record the sound out of the venue’s sound mixer, which controls all of the presenter’s mics and music. But this mixer was prone to running too loud or too softly. Therefore, I made sure that I miced up the main presenter with one of our battery-operated lapel mics, and ran it straight in to the camera. Capturing the same audio twice meant peace of mind for our client – as there was a back-up running at all times.


The event footage we delivered

We supplied Dalla Corte with footage they could cut in to an exciting, fast-paced event video for their social media profiles. As soon as the event ended, we copied the footage on to a hard drive which we delivered straight to our client – so that she could begin cutting it on the plane home!

If you need an experienced, reliable Melbourne cameraman to capture your next event, contact us today.

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