Melbourne Cameraman: La Trobe University


Melbourne Cameraman: La Trobe University

Websedge is a Washington based media company that creates videos for international conferences. In the past they’ve sent us on assignments to film intelligent traffic systems for Siemens, beachside windsurfers for a Melbourne Council and high tech laboratories at Monash University.

This time, we were sent to La Trobe university in Bundoora to interview staff at the Australian Centre for Evidence Based Care. The role of ACEBAC is to improve the quality of care given to older people living in aged care, especially with dementia. The purpose of the video being made was to represent ACEBAC at the IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics in San Franscisco.

The Brief

“We need a Melbourne based producer and cameraman to shoot interviews with staff at La Trobe University. We also need footage of the staff at work and coverage of the University campus.”

With only 1 day to shoot, our approach to these kind of jobs is to be as nimble as possible while also being prepared for anything. This means having a car full of gear but packed in a very strategic way. We have a bag for interviews, a bag for b-roll and so on. This means we don’t have to make multiple trips to haul in bags of heavy equipment that we won’t actually use. 

Melbourne Cameraman Broll

Shooting Interviews

We needed to shoot 6 interviews in the morning and each interview needed a different background. To make this possible, we ensured we had plenty of lights at our disposal. The reason having more lights is helpful is it means that firstly: we can ensure the interviews look flattering for each subject and secondly: we can use the lights to make the background more interesting. This means that we can stay in one location and create many different looks – far less time consuming than finding six different locations. We find that Dedolights are a perfect light for creating different background effects.

We used our Sony F3 to shoot the interviews. A larger camera but a reliable workhorse that produces superb images. The F3 teamed with a set of cinema lenses meant that we could shoot with a very narrow depth of field. Take a look at the image below to see what I mean. The subject is nice and sharp but the background is soft and blurry. This is an advantage because it means the background doesn’t necessarily need to look good because on camera it shows up as an abstract colourful blur (instead of a footpath and some grass).

Mlebourne Cameraman Interview

Capturing B-Roll

Our next challenge was to shoot cutaway footage of staff doing there jobs. The requirement here is to be very fast (we needed as much footage as possible with staff only available for a short period) and the footage obviously needed to look good.

This was a job for our Sony A7s. It’s small size means it’s very light to carry but the large sensor gives a great image that can shoot in low light. This camera coupled with some battery powered LED lights meant that we could quickly and easily get around while capturing great footage.


The footage we shot is being edited in London and needs to be completed for the conference in the next few weeks. To make sure that no time was wasted, we had a courier pick up the footage after the shoot to be express posted to the UK. Of course, we backed everything up at the office and offsite just to make sure that if something goes wrong in transit, it won’t be an issue.

If you’re looking for a Melbourne cameraman to shoot a project then contact us today.

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