Which Melbourne Cameraman is Right for You?


Which Melbourne Cameraman is Right for You?

Video production is booming in Melbourne. There is a vast array of choice when it comes to camera operators so it can be tough to choose the right one for you. In this article, you’ll be given some important questions to as yourself when deciding. This will give you the best chance to find out which cameraman will be right for your next video production.

Have they made videos similar to the one you want yourself?
You want to make sure the cameraman can film your video you want. Check their website to see if they have worked with familiar clients in Melbourne. If they don’t have many examples of their work online, this may be a warning sign.

Are they experienced?
With the price of cameras coming down all the time, there has been an influx on new media graduates picking up cameras and calling themselves a cameraman. If you want a professional level video, make sure you hire a camera operator who has the experience to deliver it.

Experienced Melbourne Camera Operator

Professional Cameraman

Do they communicate well?
To find out if a cameraman is a good communicator, calling them and discussing your video is a great way to do it. You want to make sure they communicate well, and this is because:

a) Poor communication during production will hinder your shoot and harm the quality of your video, and;

b) They are going to be representing your brand. Make sure you are delivered a professional video delivered in a professional way.

Do they have testimonials recommending their services?
If the cameraman has great reviews from well known companies on their website, that’s a great sign. If professional companies are willing to back the work of a camera operator, you can be assured that their work is of a high quality.
Case studies are also a helpful to discover the work ethic and methods of your camera operator. This can be a good insight into whether the cameraman will be a good fit for your video production and brand.

Are they going to personally film your video?
Some cameraman companies hire third parties to film their footage. They often outsource to the lowest bidder. Be confident in the quality of your video by ensuring you know exactly who will be filming your video.

Does your cameraman keep your footage safe?
It’s good to ask what contingency plans and backups there will be for your footage. Even the best cameraman can have a camera play up on them, but it’s whether or not they have fail-safes that separates the professionals from the amateurs.

If you would like a professional cameraman to film your next event, interview or promotional video, please contact us today.

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