Four Kinds of Video Your Business Needs

There are many different types of video you can create for your business. You can solve problems, introduce your new products or show off the culture you have developed in your business. In this article we will be looking at the broad types of video that nearly every business can use to improve their online marketing. Explainer videos are perfect for building content on your blog or website, or even acting as a brief tutorial if your product is simple enough. If you find that your customers have a recurring question about your business or products, why not make an explainer video to save you the hassle? You’ll know that an explainer video is successful when your support staff are less stressed from not answering the same questions again and again.

Product videos

Do you provide a service or sell a product that is difficult to explain in a succinct manner? Or maybe you’ve had some success with putting product videos on your website to entice visitors to learn more, hook them in and convert that into a sale.

Product videos show the benefits and special features of your product and they will often show a quick example of how it works, all while engaging the audience and keeping them on your site. Product videos are beneficial for customers who are perhaps considering buying from you, but they need to feel confident they’re choosing the right product.

Internal training videos

Every business has a training process, and of course every business has a unique way of doing things that can be a big adjustment for new staff. Even staff that have been with the company a long time can often need a refresher or a reminder about best practice. This is where the magic of training videos come in to play.  Here’s where video’s special powers come into play.

By creating an internal training video, you can lead your employees through a step by step process in the company’s operations, you can save time and make sure that it’s 100% best practise and all your employees are on the same page. Training videos also have the advantage of being more memorable than a pamphlet or slideshow, and diagrams simply can’t compete with a video of the real thing.



Positive word of mouth is one of the key aspects to building your business. Positive encounters with your customers will lead to satisfied customers, which may lead to them giving you a recommendation. Facebook reviews, Google reviews, they all contribute to your company’s image. By creating a testimonial with real, satisfied customers or clients can give you an advantage over your competitors. Hearing about a real experience from a client or customer is much more valuable than a simple online review. If a customer is willing to put their name and face to your product to vouch for it, you have a powerful tool for your marketing.

Business Explainer Videos


Explainer videos are videos that show your viewers how to solve a problem. It could be a problem that your product solves or it could be a video about the service your company provides.

That problem could be something your product solves, or it could be a service you provide that saves time and money. Whatever it is, by the end of the video, your audience should fully understand your product or service and be able to take action based on what they’ve seen. When an audience understands you well, you build a rapport with them and they are more likely to enlist you to solve their problems.


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The Branding Videos You Need to Have on Your Website

Back in the day, video branding mostly meant a commercial, or maybe a recruitment video. Maybe it played before a movie at the local cinema. With the internet involved in almost every aspect of our lives now, the game has changed. Small startups and companies that might not have the budget for a big advertising campaign can still create video content to market themselves and can distribute it globally to a potentially massive audience, all pretty much instantaneously, it’s a remarkable step forward in technology. Video marketing doesn’t have to be bound by the strict rules and guidelines of TV anymore, so you are free to get creative with the videos you create. By the end of this year, it is expected that nearly 3 quarters of all internet traffic will be video, so don’t let your business fall behind.  Here are a few solid foundations for your online video presence.

Branding Video


One of the most important videos you can have on your site is a “branding video.” This is like a digital business card. The story video needs to show the world why they should be choosing you over your competitors.

This will be your digital calling card, and it needs to show the world why your company exists, your values and why they should choose you over your competitors.

You should address your mission statement, your backstory, and what your company offers that no-one else does. Tell the human story at the heart of your company. Don’t approach it as a corporate necessity, take it as an opportunity to really express why you love your company. Audiences can see through corporate jargon and they can see through shallow fluff pieces. So be authentic and real!

The quick

Testimonial Videos


People are far more likely to listen to a recommendation from a friend than they are from you telling us about how good your company is. Customer testimonials are a brilliant way to spread your message and is a great nudge for customers who are thinking about using your company but just need a final push.

Use customers that have a some authority in their area to film a testimonial, it also helps if they are natural in front of camera. Make it as easy as possible for the person kindly giving you a testimonial, come to them and get it done quickly, they are volunteering for you after all. Testimonial videos will give your company a trustworthy appearance that transfers into sales and more happy customers to give you great feedback.

Educational Videos

If a potential customer is visiting your site, it is for one sole reason, to learn more. Whether they want to learn more about your product or just the company as a whole, we are driving by wanting to know more. Posting a video that can educate as well as show off your products is a holy grail of marketing as it is shareable, subtly promotes your business and the viewers are getting something out of it too.

Every business has their area of expertise, so use that knowledge to create an instructional video! You don’t have to give up all your trade secrets, but just a quick snapshot of something that people are interested in can do wonders for your marketing reach.


These three videos can form a powerful foundation for your companies online video marketing presence. And that is just the start! There are many branding options that can be tailored to each individual business, as every business has something to offer in the realm of video.

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Making Corporate Videos People Want to Watch

Corporate videos might conjure images of cheesy old VHS training videos, but the times have changed, and corporate videos can be something much more engaging and entertaining than in days gone by.

Set Out Your Goals


Before any shooting takes place, sit down and ask yourself what you want to get out of this video. Ask yourself who is watching, and why are they watching? What do they want, and what is the easiest way to provide that?

Once you have answered these questions you can put pen to paper and start writing your corporate video.

Stay Structured

Structure isn’t just something used in feature films, it can be used to great effect in corporate videos as well. Narrative gives the audience a sense of flow to the video and gives some clarity as you move between your points.

It also can make it easier for you to write your video, as you can give a brief introduction that covers the main points of your video, go into further detail, summarise and give the viewer a call to action, like a link to your website’s product or contact page.

Casting Call?

Casting the right talent in your videos can go a long way to making your video and engaging and professional looking. Consider casting a professional presenter if possible, or otherwise use your most charismatic employees or people that are comfortable in front of a camera. Presenting is a lot more difficult than the professionals make it look, so make sure you allocate extra time if working with non-professionals.

Corporate Can Be Fun

Sometimes a sitting, “talking heads” interview is your best bet when covering serious topics that you also want your audience to take seriously. But if you’re doing a less serious video, have some fun with it! Move the camera, with a slider, a stabiliser like the DJI Ronin or even handheld (make sure it’s an appropriate video for handheld, this technique can look amateurish if not done well). You can also add a little spice to an otherwise plain interview by shooting with 2 cameras, this allows you to edit out sections with greater ease, improving your video’s pacing.


Add Some Polish

Once your video is shot, you can add some polish to the finished product by adding titles, graphics and lower thirds (Names and job titles beneath the video subjects). Titles and graphics in your company’s colours and style can really take your video up a notch in production values. You can also weave in some graphics to introduce different sections of the video which can also add structure to the video.

Edit Ruthlessly


The hardest and most time consuming part of the film-making process is editing. It can be very difficult to delete some footage you really like. But if it slows the video down or doesn’t serve a purpose, it needs to go. Keeping your video short and fast paced goes a long way to keeping your corporate video exciting and entertaining.

Choosing the Right Production Company For you

Video is one of the best ways to show off you business to the world and really get to the heart of what makes your business tick. Whether you want to utilise video as a way to promote your products, communicate with staff or tell your company’s story, you will need to enlist the skills of professionals. Here are a few things you should establish before you set out on a video production for your business.

Green Screen TVC setup

Who do you Choose?

Advertising agencies will often have an in-house arm that produces video content, and smaller agencies will often outsource the video production to one of their favoured video production companies. If you have an agency that your brand has worked closely with before, it can be beneficial to maintain that relationship as they will already understand your brand. However, if you have not worked with an agency before, a video production company will have the expertise to create a custom built video that achieves exactly what you want it to.

Establish Your Budget

If it’s your first time making a corporate video, you may understandably not know what budget to set for your project, and that’s fine, a good video production company will help you with that. But it’s worth having a solid idea of what your budget will be as this will determine the size of the production, and to show you some of examples of what can be achieved in the same budget range. By setting a budget range before you go into a meeting, you will get a much clearer idea of what’s possible and what your limitations may be.

Check Their Reviews

You wouldn’t invest in a stock without knowing a little bit about it first would you? Well the same goes for choosing a video production company. Take a look at their website, look through their clients and see if they have worked with reputable businesses or companies with a similar approach. Showreels are all well and good but you should watch some full length videos as well, as this will give you a better idea of the quality you should expect when working with them.

Create a Production Plan


When you’re planning your video, most of the important stuff will be determined by your target audience. This will determine the look and feel of the video, the distribution method (e.g. YouTube, social media) and the tone and pacing. You should communicate with the production company the most during the planning phase, as this is where the foundation of your video is made. You also have to determine what is essential for the video to work and make sure that it is being considered at every stage of the production process. By knowing exactly who you’ll be addressing, your video will be pitched at the right people and be more effective as a result.

Watch their Testimonials


Before choosing an agency or production company, you should find out what their clients say about them. This is probably the best guide to know what you’ll be working with when you enlist them for a video. Hearing from some clients and what they’ve experienced is a reliable way to determine if your business will be the right match. A good production company will have testimonials from clients on their website. Watch through and see what kind of experience they had throughout the production process. If companies that you respect are will to vouch for a production company, it’s a good sign that you’ll be happy to work with them too.

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Melbourne Cameraman: La Trobe University

Websedge is a Washington based media company that creates videos for international conferences. In the past they’ve sent us on assignments to film intelligent traffic systems for Siemens, beachside windsurfers for a Melbourne Council and high tech laboratories at Monash University.

This time, we were sent to La Trobe university in Bundoora to interview staff at the Australian Centre for Evidence Based Care. The role of ACEBAC is to improve the quality of care given to older people living in aged care, especially with dementia. The purpose of the video being made was to represent ACEBAC at the IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics in San Franscisco.

The Brief

“We need a Melbourne based producer and cameraman to shoot interviews with staff at La Trobe University. We also need footage of the staff at work and coverage of the University campus.”

With only 1 day to shoot, our approach to these kind of jobs is to be as nimble as possible while also being prepared for anything. This means having a car full of gear but packed in a very strategic way. We have a bag for interviews, a bag for b-roll and so on. This means we don’t have to make multiple trips to haul in bags of heavy equipment that we won’t actually use. 

Melbourne Cameraman Broll

Shooting Interviews

We needed to shoot 6 interviews in the morning and each interview needed a different background. To make this possible, we ensured we had plenty of lights at our disposal. The reason having more lights is helpful is it means that firstly: we can ensure the interviews look flattering for each subject and secondly: we can use the lights to make the background more interesting. This means that we can stay in one location and create many different looks – far less time consuming than finding six different locations. We find that Dedolights are a perfect light for creating different background effects.

We used our Sony F3 to shoot the interviews. A larger camera but a reliable workhorse that produces superb images. The F3 teamed with a set of cinema lenses meant that we could shoot with a very narrow depth of field. Take a look at the image below to see what I mean. The subject is nice and sharp but the background is soft and blurry. This is an advantage because it means the background doesn’t necessarily need to look good because on camera it shows up as an abstract colourful blur (instead of a footpath and some grass).

Mlebourne Cameraman Interview

Capturing B-Roll

Our next challenge was to shoot cutaway footage of staff doing there jobs. The requirement here is to be very fast (we needed as much footage as possible with staff only available for a short period) and the footage obviously needed to look good.

This was a job for our Sony A7s. It’s small size means it’s very light to carry but the large sensor gives a great image that can shoot in low light. This camera coupled with some battery powered LED lights meant that we could quickly and easily get around while capturing great footage.


The footage we shot is being edited in London and needs to be completed for the conference in the next few weeks. To make sure that no time was wasted, we had a courier pick up the footage after the shoot to be express posted to the UK. Of course, we backed everything up at the office and offsite just to make sure that if something goes wrong in transit, it won’t be an issue.

If you’re looking for a Melbourne cameraman to shoot a project then contact us today.

Corporate Video for Social Media

If you aren’t using social media video to promote your brand, you are missing out on one of the biggest marketing opportunities at your disposal. It’s an invaluable resource that’s easy to get started with, and most importantly, it can expose your brand to an enormous worldwide audience. When it comes to using video in social media, it’s smart to uniquely tailor your videos to make the most of the strengths and weaknesses of each medium, Here are a few things you should know before you dive in.


Facebook had humble beginnings as simple site for Harvard students to a global media superpower. Facebook has slowly introduced more video into news feeds, but the nature of the newsfeed means that you have about 5 seconds to reel in a viewer before they scroll down to something else. Videos will now autoplay with the sound off, so you need a striking opening image or descriptive title that gets across what the video is about. Remember, you have only a couple of seconds to grab someone as its all too easy to keep on scrolling if the video hasn’t grabbed the viewer’s attention.

First you must consider that Facebook videos, by default play on mute, the user has to actively unmute it. So videos that have bold titles, subtitles will perform better on Facebook. As with YouTube, you need to select an appropriate custom thumbnail that will give the viewer a fair idea of why the video is about.

So the key adjustments to make to your video for the Facebook audience is to make sure you can still get your point across without sound, use large, easily readable captions (or at least make captions available) and most importantly keep it brief!


         social media

YouTube is the biggest video sharing site in the internet, with an estimated 300 hours of video content being uploaded every minute. Every minute! There are “channels” on YouTube with over 50 million subscribers, and regular viewing audiences that would be the envy of many major TV networks.

To take full advantage of this massive viewer base, you need to know the best ways to maximise your reach. The first thing to understand is that if a viewer isn’t interested in the first few seconds of a video, they won’t bother watching the rest. So you need to start off with the hook of your video right away. YouTube should be where you house the most comprehensive version of your video, as that’s what people are there for, after all it’s solely for sharing videos.

This doesn’t just mean the first few seconds of your video however, this extends to everything from thumbnails, the description beneath the video, metadata and playlists all have to be managed and tailored to fit your business. If the viewer likes the first video they see from you, and you haven’t set up a playlist to AutoPlay another video from you, you have just lost a viewer. So make the most of Youtube’s features to make sure your video is getting the views it deserves. And YouTube comes with a handy closed captioning feature that you can input your script or transcript into and it will produce a .srt file that can be used elsewhere. It even has an auto-transcribe feature that uses intelligent tools to make a subtitle track automatically. But be sure to read through it first, it isn’t quite perfect just yet.


Instagram began its life as a pure photo sharing app with vintage filters for smartphones but has now become a social media platform in and of itself. A few years ago, Instaram expanded into short videos. As with its parent company Facebook, Instagram videos will Autoplay as the user scrolls down, giving you just brief second to capture their attention. Instagram originally had a 15 second limit to it’s video length, but this was recently extended to 60 seconds. However, we would recommend staying closer to the original 15 second limit as shorter is usually better at keeping eyeballs on your video, especially as Instagram is very visually focused. Instagram is a smartphone app, so when cutting an Instagram version of your video, make sure that text is large enough to read on a small screen and close-ups will work better if you are filming a presenter. You should also lead with the most striking images first to grab attention.


social media

Twitter can itself play videos natively, but often it relies on links to YouTube or other more full-time video hosting services. As with Facebook and Instagram, Twitter will also autoplay videos but remember they will be muted by default. Large, easily readable text is again a key to getting attention, as is having an option to have a video in a vertical orientation, as the majority of twitter users will be on a smartphone. Twitter videos can be up to 140 seconds long, although as is the case with all social media videos, the more concise the better.

Social Media Customisation

When planning a social media campaign with video, it is really worth making several versions uniquely tailored to each social media platform’s strengths and weaknesses, and being aware of the limitations. You’ll need to take this into account when you’re planning the video so you have the right content to edit unique versions of the one video. Each have their own demographics as well, so the content might be tweaked slightly for each different video.

If you are looking to improve your video skills for social media, get in touch with us today.

How to Avoid Video Marketing Mistakes

YouTube alone contains upwards of 819,417,600 hours of video footage. 300 hours more are uploaded every minute!

This is why making your video unique and interesting is so important for a successful video marketing campaign.

Working in the video production industry puts us in a position where we see a lot of different work. We do this for inspiration, to keep on top of trends and see other peoples approach to video marketing. But doing this means we see a lot of mistakes and the worst part is that they’re easy to avoid.

In this post I’ve put together the most common mistakes that I see so that you can avoid making them!

Nobody is watching the video

As simple as it may sound, the number one problem I see is videos that aren’t being watched. So what are video creators doing wrong? The main issue occurs after the video has been made. Parking your video on Youtube or Vimeo and then walking away isn’t enough, the video will get lost in the sea of content. People won’t necessarily come looking for you and if they do, how will they find it amongst the millions of other videos already on internet? You need a strategy to get it in front of them. A strategy might involve paying to have your video promoted but there are also many things you can do that won’t cost you money. For some tips on improving your video SEO take a look at this post . The bottom line is that being active in getting your video in front of people is the only way to ensure it’s being seen.

It doesn’t engage

The internet is full of distractions and your video is competing against all of them. The best way to rise above the competition is to make something engaging. This is easier said than done but there’s a simple rule that will give you a head start: ‘show, don’t tell’. Boiled down, this means that you should give your audience something and you certainly shouldn’t patronise them. Show them a feeling, a result or a concept and let them work out the message themselves. Take the ‘1984’ Super Bowl commercial from Apple as an example. At no point does it explicitly tell the viewer to buy or do anything. It gets it’s point across by showing a pretty blatant but impactful message: ’think differently’. I’m not saying your video needs Ridley Scott directing – but think about how you can show people instead of telling them and you’ll be rewarded with more views.

Apple Video marketing

It doesn’t tell a story

Just like showing your audience instead of telling them, using a story to get your message across will help make engaging content. This is because a story creates intrigue by presenting a problem or a question that we curious human beings want an answer to. An easy and effective way to tell a story is to create a corporate documentary. We’ve written a more in depth post about these here.

The writing is bad

Thinking about your target audience before you put pen to paper will help ensure that your content is relevant and valuable. With so many sources of information at their fingertips, viewers will only stick by you if you’re giving them what they want. Its tempting to write something for a wider audience in order to reach more people, and this brings me to the next point:

It isn’t focused enough

The issue here is simple, you can’t properly target your audience when you try to cover everything. If your information or your message is too broad then it becomes less and less valuable. Worse still, the video tends to get longer and longer to accommodate all the information. Seeing a clip that requires a significant investment of time (usually longer than 5 minutes) is an easy way to lose viewers.

No call to action

If your goal is to make people do something then make that clear. Without doing this you could be defeating the purpose of the project. It could be anything from asking viewers to ‘like’ your video if they enjoyed watching it to providing their email address or directing them to your website. The goal is simply making sure you get something out of what you’ve created and it’s fine to be direct about it too.

If you want to create an effective video marketing campaign then contact Dream Engine today.

Tips for Successful Event Filming

Thorough planning is key to a high quality event video. There are no second chances when it comes to live events, if you miss it you miss it, you can’t ask for a second take. Being thoroughly prepared can also make for a much more enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere if you know what’s about to happen. Charged batteries, cameras and sound recording devices set-up and tested, a location scout to check out the venue all go a long way to ensuring you’ll capture everything without any hiccups.

Get the Event Schedule

Before the event takes place, get in contact with the organisers and ask for a programor schedule of the day. Take note of any major events throughout the day that must be captured so you have adequate time to set-up or move equipment if it’s required. If the event takes place over multiple rooms or stages you can use this to co-ordinate the crew to make sure everyone is at the right place at the right time.


Packing is Essential

Knowing the capabilities of your gear is hugely important to live shoot preparation. Which audio settings will you be using? Are you recording sound from the mixing desk? Setting your levels, prepping your storage media for long recording times, or if your vision is being displayed on a screen for attendees, what cables and settings will you need to output the vision? You may have to think on the fly for fixing issues with wireless mics and presenters going off mic, often this can mean redundancies like recording from two different sources on different channels. If you haven’t planned for this you may find yourself without sound on your recording.

Prepare for Disaster

To film a successful live event you have to think on your feet and quickly adapt when things go wrong. When you’re packing your gear for the shoot, think ahead for what you will need and create a list of absolute essentials. And then pack more. Cables can malfunction, adapters can fail, power points can be scarce, so make sure you have everything you need, and a backup for everything if all goes wrong.

Know Your Techie

If the event you are filming is taking place in a conference hall or dedicated presentation space, it will almost certainly have an A/V mixing desk. Acquaint yourself with the A/V techie as they will be your best friend over the course of the event. Need extra XLR cables or more light on the stage? They are your saviour. So get there early and run through your setup and they will often run a line-out cable for you to record sound directly from the mixing desk which can give you the best quality sound. The event organisers will also be invaluable to you on shoot day. So dress appropriately, be courteous at all times and your daunting live event shoot will become a whole lot easier.


Every event has its own unique quirks and schedules, so no two events will ever be the same. By preparing for everything that could go wrong, knowing the schedule, having backups in place and liaising with organisers, you will be prepared for whatever the event throws at you.