Tips for Shooting Slow Motion

The technology in professional video cameras have come a long way since the days of the days of tape . Our trusty Sony PMW-FS5 is capable of shooting 240 frames per second at 2K resolution when paired with an external recorder, something that 10 years ago would be unimaginable in anything but the most high-end cinema cameras. It can open up a whole range of possibilities when it comes to shooting stunning product shots, or capturing the smallest details in dramatic slow motion. We’ve compiled a few tips for shooting beautiful slow motion. Read more!

Camera Review: Sony a7S

In 2014, Sony announced their new a7S product: a full-frame, mirrorless camera that supports high-definition video recording. We purchased one as soon as it was released, and with a year of use under our belt, we thought we’d sum up how the a7S has helped our freelance cameramen capture some truly beautiful video content.

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